Energy Insiders Podcast December 11

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Audrey Zibelman, the CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator, says Australia will lead the world in the transition to a smarter, cleaner and more reliable energy system, and trying to resist that transition would be like trying to resist the internet.

“This is not a judgement about anything,” Zibelman says in an interview on RenewEconomy’s Energy Insiders podcast.

“It’s just the reality that the economics have changed, that technology has changed, and resisting this change is a little like trying to resist the internet. It’s just going to happen because of where technology is going.”

In this episode of Energy Insiders, Zibelman also talks about new technologies such as battery storage, her frustration over the response to demand management, and on the concerns about the National Energy Guarantee.

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Solaray is a proud sponsor of Energy Insiders


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WattWatchers is a proud sponsor of Energy Insiders.


  • Cooma Doug

    Glad she was able to outline how complex the rule changes and integration of the new technologies will be. Too many folk recon its a couple of nerds whipping up a bit of code. It will take some time. But also good to compare the impending certainty of change to the internet.

    The technology today makes many things possible that we are yet to consider.

  • Gary Rowbottom

    Not surprisingly, a very astute summary of the state of play and some future direction. Thanks Audrey, and Giles and David for bringing it to us.

  • Farmer Dave

    Congratulations, Giles. Your guests on Energy Insiders have increasingly been major industry players, with Zibelman being an outstanding example. I see this as a measure of the increasing stature you and RenewEconomy have. More power to you!

  • solarguy

    Wow, how impressive was Audrey. The more I hear from her, the more confidence I gain in her ability to sort this mess out, as she brings clarity to the big picture. She is keeping the cross hairs firmly on the target and we are so lucky to have her, in this very important job.

    Thank you Giles and David for the great questions.

    • riley222

      Yeah, spot on Solarguy. Right from the get go I had a good feeling about Audrey. Don’t know how the appointment was made, but it does indicate that there is hope for us yet, despite the worst efforts of those opposed to RE.
      I hesitate to say it, but optimism is bubbling to the surface regarding RE, maybe we really will get there in a controlled way.

      • solarguy

        Oh yes, I too had the same optimistic feeling about her, definitely a straight shooter and she has the ability to keep calm, whilst forging ahead, cutting a path to the objective.

  • Ben Dixon

    Goodonyah Giles.