Energy Insiders Podcast August 7

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Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has summoned the heads of the eight biggest energy retailers to Canberra for a summit.

What could he possibly tell them that would cause consumer prices to fall?

This week on Energy Insiders, RenewEconomy editor Giles Parkinson and ITK analyst David Leitch look at the upcoming summit and the major factors contributing to the big rises in bills – network costs, wholesale prices and retail margins.

It is now clear that renewables are not contributing to the price rises – well, clear to everyone apart from Queenslanders, who blame renewables (the state doesn’t actually have any large scale renewables) for recent price rises.

Also on the agenda: the 1GW solar plant approved in Queensland, another new wind farm for South Australia, and the upcoming results from the big utilities.

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  • RP

    I understand that the providers are required to instal net meters for owners of solar panels, …. Origin is going awfully slowly, with a 12-18month waiting time……l meanwhile we pay. I wish Mr Turnbull would tell them to smarten up with their smart meter installations!

    • MrMauricio

      they tell him-not the other way around!!