Energy Insiders Podcast August 28

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The Victoria government last week sought to take the lead in renewable energy in Australia, with the first legislated state-based renewable energy target, and plans for a reverse auction of 650MW of wind and solar early next year. It also announced two new solar farms to power the Melbourne tram network.

John Grimes, the chief executives of the Australian Solar Council and the Energy Storage Council, joins regular Energy Insiders Giles Parkinson and David Leitch to discuss these and other developments – including Transgrid identifying up to 40GW – yes, gigawatts – of large scale solar opportunities in western NSW and north-west Victoria.

Also on the agenda is the apparent back-down by Standards Australia on its much criticised draft for home battery storage devices, and the ongoing absence of any credible long term energy policies from the federal government. And ITK’s Leitch also wonders: iIs the lack of action in NSW going to result in missed opportunities?

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Energy Insiders is sponsored by Solaray Energy

Energy Insiders is sponsored by Solaray Energy