Energy Insiders Podcast August 14

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Turnbull’s Kath and Kim moment on energy

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When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he would “Eyeball” Australia’s energy retail chiefs, did it bring back memories of the Kath and Kim moments: “look at me; look at me.”

Did Turnbull succeed? Tristan Edis from Green Energy Markets joins regular Energy Insiders Giles Parkinson and David Leitch to discuss what may have been achieved. At least the problem is finally recognized.

Also on the menu is AGL’s coal-fired profit bonanza, Blackrock’s push into big solar in Australia and the new solar farms springing up around the old coal town of Collinsville.

And we look at Australia’s new energy Czar, Kerry Schott. Who is she, and what will she want to achieve. And Edis tells us why the Clean Energy Target, and why it may not.

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