More Australian drivers looking to hybrid vehicles, young looking to ride-share

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Roy Morgan suggests drivers increasingly want to buy hybrid cars, but overall sales will fall as people look to electric and car-sharing options.

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The Driven

The number of Australians considering a hybrid vehicle for their next new vehicle is on the increase, as buying intentions for petrol and diesel cars, and even in still expensive pure battery cars, falls.

New data from market analyst firm Roy Morgan indicates that not only is the number of people intending to a new vehicle in the next 12 months dropping, reflecting the sharp slump in sales in recent months, there is a also distinct shift in purchasing intention towards hybrid.

The figures build on data released by Roy Morgan only two months ago, which compared purchasing intention against actual sales data, revealing that interest in pure battery electric vehicles (BEV) was on the increase.

“Over recent years there has been considerable growth in the new vehicle market but this is now showing a potential decline and is facing a number of real challenges,” Roy Morgan’s Norman Morris said in a statement.

“There is currently some concern about the slowing economy, lack of wage growth, energy price escalation and declining home values.

“In addition to these potential economic constraints on new vehicle demand, the rapidly changing technologies with the resultant fuel choice decisions adds to the complexity of decision making in this market.”

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