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Mixed Greens: Solar thermal storage makes it to Gran Turismo

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Gemasolar plant included in Gran Turismo game; wind farm proposed for Tasmania pulp mill site, Tasmania seeks Federal funding for wind export transmission lines.

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The Gemasolar solar thermal storage plant – the only one in the world that can provide power 24 hours a day – has made it into mainstream culture and has been included in the latest version of the famous Gran Turismo video game. The plant, owned by Torresol Energy, and located in Spain, will serve as a setting for the video game franchise, which is dubbed as the most realistic driving simulator on the market and has sold 70 million copies.

Gemasolar is part of the extra contents included in the Gran Turismo 6 video game as one of the sceneries where players can take pictures of their vehicles and share them with other participants. “The inclusion of the plant in this PlayStation best-selling video game confirms, once again, that Gemasolar has become a symbol of innovation, sustainability and efficiency for the benefit of both the field of renewable energy and society as a whole,” the company said in a statement.

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Wind farm proposed for Tamar Valley

Aspiring wind farm development company Tamar Valley Renewables has put in a bid to buy the Longreach pulp mill site and build a wind farm instead. Tamar Valley Renewables director Martin May told ABC Radio on Tuesday that a wind farm would benefit the local economy and create jobs for the region, and fit with the state’s clean green brand.

However, he said it was unlikely the renewable energy company could match any bids from a pulp mill proponent. “But then again, we’re looking to build long-term sustainable businesses and we won’t be polluting the environment to under pin those higher prices either. Hopefully they’re taking us seriously.”

Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s Yes 2 Renewables spokesperson, said such a wind farm would be a “leading example for how communities can transition from the old 20th Century industry to the high-tech 21st Century economy.”

Tasmania seeks federal funds for King Island wind farm link

Tasmania’s government owned utility Hydro Tasmania is seeking Federal Government help to fund its $2 billion King Island wind farm project to build 200 wind turbines and deliver the output to the mainland via an underwater cable. ABC reports that Tasmania Energy Minister Bryan Green has told a parliamentary hearing that he will discuss the matter at a meeting with the relevant federal minister next week. “My hope would be that the Commonwealth will see the sense in this strategy, and we’ll be certainly pressing that on the minister,” he said, adding that the federal Government needed to focus on renewables if it was to remove the price on carbon. The idea is being supported by the Opposition conservative parties in Tasmania. The King Island wind farm project is being challenged in the Federal Court by the No Tas Wind Farm Group on the grounds it does not have enough community support.



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