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It’s economics, stupid! Days of “baseload only” power over

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RepuTex report affirms renewables a ‘lay down misere’ to out-compete, and replace, traditional fossil-fuel sources in Australia.

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The days of traditional, coal and gas-fired baseload electricity generation are over, a new Australian report has declared, as the economics of the National Electricity Market shift – ”fundamentally” – in favour of renewable energy with storage, or “flexible supply”.

The report, RepuTex’s Market Update for July 2017, paints a picture of the Australian energy market, where coal-fired facilities will continue to be retired – regardless of government policy and despite rising electricity prices.

RepuTex_LCOE with energy storage in Australia copy

“This is due to falling daytime power demand and changing economics of the grid, which now favours flexible supply,” the report says.

“Investments in ‘baseload’ sources of power, irrespective of the CET (proposed clean energy target), are therefore too inflexible to compete in Australia’s future electricity system,” RepuTex says.

In its place, the report adds, renewables – with storage – will continue to be the cheapest source of reliable energy supply for peaking and load-following generation. The more renewables that are added, the greater prices will fall.

“We do not envisage any appetite for HELE coal or other ‘baseload only’ facilities, such as nuclear, unless there is a major government distortion in the market.”

The findings drive another nail into the coffin of coal power in Australia, just days after US clean tech giant Tesla was tapped as the successful bidder to develop South Australia’s 100MW grid-connected battery storage system.

The SA battery plant, which will be built next to Neon’s Hornsdale wind farm in Jamestown, has been hailed by main, not least of all Tesla’s Elon Musk himself, as a world-leading example of the future of energy supply.

A future where centralised “baseload” power plants are phased out, and networks – as RepuTex puts it – are built around ‘firm power’ rules, whereby new generators must supply energy that can be dispatched to maintain system reliability.

Not long ago, this was a role that was largely allotted gas, as the least cost source of supply for load-following and peaking services.

But even gas cannot compete with renewables now, says RepuTex, with high gas prices changing the calculation to make wind ($80/MWh) and solar ($85/MWh) plus energy storage much more competitive in providing flexible generation.

“In this context, renewable energy remains attractive to the market given it is able to deliver energy reliability, with no emissions, at low cost prices,” the report says.

“This affirms that renewables are a ‘lay down misere’ to out-compete traditionally fossil-fuel sources in Australia for the foreseeable future.”

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  1. john 3 years ago

    Regardless of how many reports are presented or how many generator industry spokesman give the same message that new build coal fired generators can not find a viable market, the political stance of some will be to tell a different story and the public will take that message and believe it.
    It is really a sad indictment of present society that this situation is happening.

    • Brunel 3 years ago

      I do wonder if right wing voters love nuclear reactors that a lot of astroturfers cheer on.

      • john 3 years ago

        yes Brunel build a Nuclear Reactor and produce power at what price?
        Say 14c kWh which is just not competitive let alone the waste problem let alone the hideous results of an accident.
        In my opinion and i may be wrong the only reason Nuclear was used was to ensure they had the material to build the bombs, which if ever used would ensure this planet was reduced to not many humans living in the major countries.
        Nuclear is a zero sum game.

    • solarguy 3 years ago

      When I’m in the office I listen to talk back radio, so I know what your talking about. So many average people think that coal is the cheapest form of power and that solar panels and wind turbines are Mickey Mouse toys, as one moron said on The John Laws show today. Their not considering that coal in NSW, Queensland and Victoria supply most of the power and it isn’t cheap and getting more expensive, apart from other reasons.

      I get on the different shows from time to time to rebuke statements and claims of the brain dead FF fanatics, but most just can’t be told and that includes the host’s. I wonder when they’ll get it!

  2. juxx0r 3 years ago

    I see it includes the fiction coal with CCS, why not unicorn fart powered CCGT?

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