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Graph of the Day: Australia’s surging solar market

Deutsche Banks says new financing models will underpin growth of solar PV in Australian market in coming years.


Deutsche Bank has identified Australia as one of the key “grid parity” markets that support its prediction that the world is about to enter a second “solar boom” and demand will tip 56GW in 2014.

The graph below illustrates its broad predictions for the Australia market, although (unlike the graph), the bank predicts a range of between 800MW and 1,000MW over coming years. It estimates around 100MW of solar will have been installed in December, taking 2013 levels to around 850MW.  Deutsche Bank is confident that the market will grow in coming years, supported by the roll-out of leasing deals that have proved popular in the US.

“The country is … witnessing a growth in its solar leasing market for both residential and commercial customers,” Deutsche writes. It cites the entry of US firm Sungevity, a new solar leasing scheme from Trina Solar through a new company called Lightleasing and the emergence of other players such as Infinite Energy, SunPower and Photon Energy.

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  1. steven_noble 7 years ago

    How is it possible to report on total electricity production capacity for a certain technology (solar) in Australia without comparing it to other electricity production technologies? I’m all in favour of anything that reduces our greenhouse gas emissions, but I’m dead against reportage that conceals how far solar is from making a serious dent on our dangerous addiction to coal.

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