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Graph of the Day: Arctic sea ice death spiral continues

Latest data shows the “death spiral” is the right metaphor for the decline in Arctic sea ice.


The story of the decade is the collapse of Arctic sea ice and its impact on our extreme weather (see “CryoSat-2 Confirms Sea Ice Volume Has Collapsed“).

That merits the latest monthly update of sea ice volume by creative tech guru Andy Lee Robinsonshowing that “death spiral” is the right visual metaphor:

Many experts now say that if recent volume trends continue we will see a “near ice-free Arctic in summer” within a decade. And that may well usher in a permanent change toward extreme, prolonged weather events “such as drought, flooding, cold spells and heat waves.”

It will also accelerate global warming in the region, which in turn will likely accelerate both the disintegration of the Greenland ice sheet as well as the release of the vast amounts of carbon currently locked in the permafrost, which in turn will likely add 0.4°F – 1.5°F to total global warming by 2100.

For more on the death spiral, here’s Peter Sinclair’s latest video, featuring an interview with Walt Meier of the National Snow and Ice Data Center:

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This article was originally posted on Climate Progress. Re-posted with permission.

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  1. David 8 years ago

    This graph, more than any other evidence for global warming, makes me feel sick. How can anyone ignore this?

    • Phil of Brisbane 8 years ago

      I agree David. It’s sickening. I don’t think it’s a question of people ignoring the overwhelming evidence for climate disruption. It’s just that they are not being exposed to it. I largely blame a traditional media controlled by vested interests for that. Fortunately online and social media are changing the situation (e.g. RenewEconomy – keep up the great work Giles and team!).

  2. Bernadine Morgan 8 years ago

    I agree Phil, once most people discover what the real climate situation is, they are shocked and perplexed that this information is not getting any air time on mainstream media.
    We have been using a number of ways to raise awareness about these issues. Last week our local Transition group partnered with Alumni to host two talks by Beyond Zero Emissions RE their Zero Carbon Energy Plan. 100 people attended and from this an focus group is being formed to spread awareness of the climate reality as well as information on some of the viable solutions we have available to us right now. So yes, I’d agree with you that online & social media are playing a crucial role here but along with that local initiatives are another powerful way to reach many folk who, usually get there news from mainstream media but when presented with the reality of ‘the speed and trajectory of our current disaster course’, have the capacity to bring huge sway to governments.

  3. Paul Felix Schott 8 years ago

    Scientist spotlight the world’s ice and how fast it is going. Scientist Giles and others have
    noted through their studies most all ice on earth will be gone in the summers in the very
    near coming years 10 to 20 the most. In many places on Earth the Ice that once was thousands of feet thick year round.

    Scientist Dr. Katharine Giles was killed in a cycling collision in Victoria, London.
    She is the second person from her UCL department to die in an so called accident.

    Her death comes just three months after a senior colleague,
    Prof Seymour Laxon, 49, died in a fall, hitting his head and suffering a
    brain hemorrhage.

    Scientist Dr. Giles had done many experiments investigating “Sea Ice Thickness”,
    and showed to governments around the earth how the Sun rays and winds affected the newly exposed Arctic Ocean. Some of Scientist Dr. Giles research focused on using satellites to better understand the physics of the ice covered polar oceans.

    Scientist Dr. Giles to all Warning Water will warm faster then ICE.

    Dr. Giles and many other Scientist from around the Globe have been looking at Photos of before and after of the ice at the polls and Glaciers. Glacier Bay Alaska is a 60+ miles long fjord that once was a Glacier that was from Sea Level to top was over a thousand feet thick and over 60 miles long, gone for ever.

    Scotland Yard’s report said the accident took place at the junction of
    Palace Street and Victoria Street, near Victoria Station, at 8.25am on Monday.

    Scientist Giles, from west London, was pronounced dead at the scene. The male driver of
    the HGV lorry stopped at the scene. He was not arrested.

    Any witnesses to this crime or INFO on it are asked to call the Road Death Investigation Unit at Catford, South-East London on
    020 8285 1574. or Email it to many News Networks. Do both would be better.

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