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Geodynamics produces Australia’s first EGS geothermal power

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Less than a month after coming online, Geodynamics’ Habanero plant has produced Australia’s first enhanced geothermal system generated power.

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Australian listed geothermal energy company Geodynamics has announced the achivement of another major milestone, with the production of Australia’s first enhanced geothermal system (EGS) generated power at its 1MWe Habanero Pilot Plant.

The goal was achieved less than a month after the South Australian plant was brought online, and just over a month after the withdrawal of Origin Energy from the Innaminka geothermal joint venture.

Geodynamics says the successful commissioning of Habanero means the company will now commence with its planned demonstration trial and testing program, which is scheduled to run for around 100 days with completion in August 2013.

Managing director and CEO Geoff Ward described the successful generation of power at the pilot plant as a major milestone for the company and for geothermal power in Australia, as well as being a globally significant demonstration of EGS geothermal capability.

“This has been critical to allowing Geodynamics to achieve this milestone and demonstrate world leading capability in this area of geothermal technology,” he said. “We look forward to successfully completing the planned testing program.”

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  1. Zvyozdochka 7 years ago

    Great news for those guys – it’s been a very tough ride.

    There’s lots of work to do, but the naysayers like Barry Brook and the rest of the fossil-nuke clones he directs need to apologise.

  2. Dave Kimble 7 years ago

    Makes you wonder if they knew what they were talking about when in their 2003 Annual Report Geodynamics claimed they would have a 13 MW demonstration plant by June 2006, and a 275 MW commercial plant by June 2008. The hot-rock resource is in outback Australia, 600 Km across desert country from the nearest point on the national grid. Guess who they want to pay for the transmission line – answer at

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