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GE unveils massive new 12MW wind turbine

GE’s new 12MW offshore wind turbines have a rotor-star “five times the size of the Arc de Triomphe”.


US engineering giant General Electric has released its next-generation offshore wind turbine design, a whopping 12MW machine with a rotor star “five times the size of the Arc de Triomphe” and the ability to generate 67GWh of electricity a year – 45 per cent more than current best-in-class machines.

According to Recharge Wind, GE’s Haliade-X will use 107 metre long LM Wind Power turbine blades – almost 20 metres longer than the next biggest example – with each turbine able to produce enough electricity to power 16,000 European households. A 750MW wind farm would be able to supply one million homes.

The company is hoping to have the turbines ready for demonstration next year, the website said, and to begin shipping flagship orders in 2021.

“We want to lead in the technologies that are driving the global energy transition,” said GE chief executive John Flannery, quoted in Recharge. “Offshore wind is one of those technologies and we will bring the full resources of GE to make the Haliade-X programme successful for our customers.”

As we have noted before on RE, offshore wind – which has numerous technical and production advantages over its onshore cousin – is still hampered by its one major disadvantage; cost.

But this is starting to change. In the UK, two offshore wind schemes won contracts at record-lows of £57.50/MWh last September, putting them among the cheapest new sources of electricity generation in the UK, alongside onshore wind and solar. It also meant all three were now cheaper than new gas, according to UK government projections.

“We have seen the prices of offshore wind come down and down in the northern seas which has led to zero-subsidy tenders: this means European utilities are already banking on this kind of ultra-large turbine [that has levelled cost of energy economics] to make [these wind farms] economic,” said GE renewables chief Jérôme Pécresse in comments to Recharge.

“And 12MW is not the end, it is the beginning. We will go bigger. But this model will be an important step in making offshore wind cheaper in Europe today, the US tomorrow … and in China in a few years’ time when it moves to [machines of] 10MW-plus.”

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  1. Joe 3 years ago

    The anti RE crowd will be onto this with gems like….but,’s gunna kill all the seabirds,….. the turbines will fall over in a big storm,……shipping will be in danger of collisions,…etc, etc

    • Parthasarathy Ravichandran 3 years ago

      Hope Ur home current is cut then realise how to live without power

      • nakedChimp 3 years ago

        He was being sarcastic, re-read his post.

        • Joe 3 years ago

          Yes I was

      • Joe 3 years ago

        Partha I was being sarcastic. I was predicting the predictable reaction from the anti Re’ers to the latest development and innovation in RE technology. The anti Re’ers are always desperate to spoil the show as evidenced by the nonsense opposition that they always come up with.

    • Antony Berretti 3 years ago

      People with small brains, who is going to listen…

      • MaxG 3 years ago

        The problem is: many more with small brains will listen 🙁

        • Nicholas Folkes 3 years ago

          Yes, idiots who believe the lies of man made climate change have small brains.

      • Nick 3 years ago

        So many of them, that’s the problem. Like locusts.

        • Nicholas Folkes 3 years ago

          Bird killers

          • Joe 3 years ago


    • RobertO 3 years ago

      Hi Joe Do not forget the Whales as well. Murdoc paper in England had the story on the whale family being killed by the off shore wind farm construction. The family was two males and a baby (possible under our new human rules) interspecies (not very common in nature, they were Sperm Whale and Spleen Whale) and the defining factor was they were so close (about 200 miles apart), oh! forget the fact that construction had finished some 3 months before their deaths.

      • Joe 3 years ago

        Well there you go. I wasn’t so ‘over imaginative’ at all then was I.

    • Alastair Leith 3 years ago

      the bigger turbines tend to turn more slowly, although blade tip wind speed may be higher for any given windspeed, being a bigger rotor. they’re associate with less deaths, and a higher off the water surface, which helps some water birds. apart from that oil rigs probably kill way more migratory birds than wind turbines todate. they get confused, circle the lights until they drop into he water to be eaten by sharks.

      • Joe 3 years ago

        No matter what actions we humans do there is always a cost that our friends in the animal world pay dearly for. A little bit off topic but I never hear the anti wind turbine crew get ‘excited’ about all the roadkill inflicted by car drivers. If the bigger wind turbines result in fewer animal deaths then that is to be commended.

      • Cooma Doug 3 years ago

        There are sound generation devices that can solve the problem, being test ATM.

    • Brunel 3 years ago

      Should put every offshore pole on Google Maps and then boats can avoid them.

    • Codchoker 3 years ago

      There is no man made climate change man, it’s a scam. These things cost billions, existing hydrocarbon energy is fine and expanding that would save billions. But no morons in charge.
      GE is making a killing on this scam and energy reliability is in the tank.
      Look at the chaos in England from one snow storm. Solar off line, wind at risk and not enough gas.
      Idiots running the asylum.

      • Joe 3 years ago

        Codie my man, everyone is entitled to an opinion and you can have yours of course. But the Science tells us all otherwise. I’m glad you mentioned that snow storm. It is exactly the sort of stuff that the scientists have been telling us for years…extremes of weather will increasingly become more extreme.

        • Nicholas Folkes 3 years ago

          You’re absolutely right, anthropogenic climate change is a scam, not science.

          Indeed, how will the wind farm or solar farm operate when a blizzard hits?

          Hydrocarbons are the future. Renewables are for cave dwellers.

          • Joe 3 years ago

            Nicko, go back inside your deniers cave, fill the cave with hydrocarbons and inhale deeply.

          • Nicholas Folkes 3 years ago

            There is so safe space in the caves anymore as climate bedwetters are occupying the space with their tin foil caps on.

          • Joe 3 years ago

            Where did I say climate change was a scam? The proof of climate change is in the Science. Exxon’s scientists knew decades ago that FF would cause climate change. The IPCC has beaten the drum publicly for decades as well as to the impacts of FF on climate change. But of course feel completely free to maintain your ‘opinion’ and call it all a scam. I’m glad you are so concerned about blizzards impacting wind and solar. Why you not mentioning that extreme weather events affect ALL energy producers and transmitters….including your beloved FF.

          • Nicholas Folkes 3 years ago

            The IPCC was run by a dodgy Indian railway engineer who refused to debate the topic. Indeed, why won’t Al Gore debate Lord Monkton? The climate scammers have changed their rhetoric from global warming to climate. Hangs because their warmist garbage was shot to pieces.

          • Joe 3 years ago

            Nicko, keep up the good Trolling work.

    • Cooma Doug 3 years ago

      Its the noise that is the problem. Seagulls will be wearing earplugs and this will lead to crippling plastic pollution at the beach side cafe where the “Stop these things” crusaders have their lunch.

  2. Ren Stimpy 3 years ago

    A 12MW wind turbine! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    • solarguy 3 years ago

      Yeah, beautiful baby. It sort of turns me on!

      • rob 3 years ago

        eeeeeewwwwww was that necessary…

        • Ren Stimpy 3 years ago

          Is your real name Fook Mi?

        • solarguy 3 years ago

          What’s with the negative waves man. It’s a beautiful turbine.

          • rob 3 years ago

            it was the turns me on comment i was referring to……..I have a very visual imagination…….get my drift! nothing negative about the turbine!

          • solarguy 3 years ago

            Clearly you aren’t an Austin Powers fan like Ren and I. Your imagination is not my problem.

      • Ren Stimpy 3 years ago

        It’s shagadelic, smashing and groovy!

  3. john 3 years ago

    Perhaps this graph may emphasize where the LCOE is headed.
    This is without this new more efficient turbine which will further push down the cost.

  4. john 3 years ago

    Does everyone notice in that Graph the cost of Wind and Solar are the lowest you can buy for a long time investment?
    So why are we not building this kind of producer commercial stations all over the grid?
    Well we are gradually in small scale and with every increasing level I would submit going forward.

  5. Tom 3 years ago

    64% capacity factor

  6. Bristolboy 3 years ago

    The recent low bids for offshore wind in Europe (UK, Netherlands and Germany) were based on the availability of next generation offshore turbines so it is good to see GE have revealed this. It will be good to see how MHI-Vestas and SGRE react.

  7. RobertO 3 years ago

    Hi All, When a WTG takes power from the wind it must cause the wind to lose strenght so in the middle of a storm that must be a good thing. As the storm starts to hit the farm it reduces the power available to the storm and the slower speed of that wind must have an effect on the rest of the storm as it runs into the slower moving wind. I wonder if some designer somewhere is planning on 20 MW WTG.

    • Ian 3 years ago

      The reverse could also be true, on really still days these monsters could act as humongous fans to whip up wind and waves for sailors and surfers 😉

      • Codchoker 3 years ago

        That’s the dumbest thing I read is a long time.

        • Rod 3 years ago

          Nah, I’ve just read your post about snow storms in the UK. That is most certainly the winner for the dumbest thing I’ve read for a long while. I’m sure you must be being paid to write that or you are dumb as dog shit.

  8. George Darroch 3 years ago

    What an incredible machine.

  9. Nick 3 years ago

    RE is going to happen despite our archaic coal loving politicians, it just will be a privately funded change. Ironic that in the end capitalism will make it’s own adjustment, I never thought I’d see the day.

    • My_Oath 3 years ago

      Not really that ironic, or in any way surprising.

      The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stones.

    • Codchoker 3 years ago

      Renewable and battery cars only work with billions in subsidies.
      Take those away it all falls down.
      That’s not capitalism.
      It’s communism with renewables – state supported.

      • Rod 3 years ago

        Can we remove all subsidies including those to fossil fools? 5 trillion per year.

        • Cooma Doug 3 years ago

          Dont empower the codchoker by engaging it. He will come back as the BreamReaper.
          Ignore all the trash.
          Tell us what you really think of the article, not the trolls.
          Giles is marching us closer to awareness and acceptance of the realities. The Cods wont stop it. All they are is an indication that this site is a success.

    • Nicholas Folkes 3 years ago

      Coal is abundant and cheap while solar and wind are intermittent and expensive.

      • Nick 3 years ago

        Thanks for the laugh. You should show that comment to your grandkids in a few hundred years. Oh wait, you probably don’t believe in global warming or any of that. Never mind.

        • Nicholas Folkes 3 years ago

          Stop the emotional blackmail. First it was the polar bears then the ice sheets and now the grandkids, just pathetic.

          • Nick 3 years ago

            Uh huh. Sure, I’ll take your word over that of the entire global scientific community. Mind posting some credentials to prove that you are so much more knowledgeable than all of these well educated professionals? Or maybe they are all colluding. Yeah that must be it!

  10. Brunel 3 years ago

    Why were big turbines not made earlier? We could have had cheap renewable electricity earlier.

    • Brian Tehan 3 years ago

      It’s the evolution of the technology. Same as every other technology. The turbines have been improving since the 80s.

    • Codchoker 3 years ago

      It’s called pay us for the upgrade.

    • Cooma Doug 3 years ago

      Not so much a problem with the concept. The problem is transporting and construction and the documentation processes of approval. The advances in transmission also required.

      • Brunel 3 years ago

        Offshore turbines are easily transported.

        Knock Nevis was a ship 458.46 m long and built in 1981.

        Offshore oil rigs were built decades ago.

        “the world’s first submarine HVAC cable with XLPE insulation in the late 1960’s.”

        The only new thing might be carbon fibre and I am not sure if the blades of this 12MW one are made of carbon fibre.

        • Nicholas Folkes 3 years ago

          Will the Knock Nevis use diesel to carry all those bird killers around?

  11. Codchoker 3 years ago

    What a waste of money.
    There is no man made climate change.
    If any other industry killed as many birds as the wind energy biz, they would be bankrupt from fines.

    • Giles 3 years ago

      Billions of birds are killed each year by cars, building windows, and cats. How are the fines going?

      • Cooma Doug 3 years ago

        There are some fabulous Mark Twain quotes you could apply here when you have these nutters on the trail. But the end message of all is to ignore them.

        One good thing in this is that they are finding it more difficult each day as awareness in the public is growing. That is probably largely your fault. So no wonder they are annoyed.

        I am fairly sure that a “Stop These Things” person is the main nutter on your trail.

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