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Energizer home battery storage play charged by CSIRO technology

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CSIRO developed tech to be integrated with the first Engerizer branded batteries targeting Australia’s household energy storage market.

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The entrance of the well-known Energizer battery brand into the household energy storage market will be supported by Australian developed tech, with the batteries set to incorporate CSIRO spin-off Evergen’s battery optimisation platform.

In a deal that will see Energizer branded batteries offered as a household energy storage solution in almost 60 countries, Evergen will partner with battery storage manufacturer 8 Star Energy to integrate the CSIRO spin-off’s battery management platform into Energizer branded batteries.

Battery manufacturer 8 Star Energy, which is headquartered in Melbourne, is the sole licence holder of the Energizer and Eveready brands for containerised and home battery energy storage systems and will introduce the household brands to the rapidly expanding storage market.

The company has exclusive rights to the Energizer brand in 56 countries and plans to market the Engerizer branded batteries in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and UK. The Energizer brand will be used to market a new set of household battery storage systems, while the Eveready brand will likely be attached to a new range of outdoor and mobility products.

Evergen was formed as a partnership between the CSIRO and AMP Capital with the intention of commercialising the battery optimisation, virtual power plant and microgrid software platform developed by the CSIRO. The company was formed in 2016, seeking to compete with other Australian battery optimisation platforms, including Reposit Power and GreenSync.

“We are excited to partner with 8 Star Energy and provide Evergen Energy Intelligence Software as part of its Energizer product suite. The Energizer brand has a strong presence worldwide and this partnership is aligned with the Evergen global strategy to have our Australian software distributed alongside a household name,” Evergen CEO Ben Hutt said.

“As international energy markets evolve, battery storage technologies and the software that enables and controls them will become integral in the energy landscape of the future.”

Two models of Energizer branded residential batteries will be offered to the household market, with a 5.7kWh system and a larger 11.4kWh system to be offered, integrated with Evergen’s Intelligent Control software platform.

The Evergen software platform has been designed to optimise the operation of the batteries, working to identify energy use patterns, monitor weather conditions and optimise the charge-discharge cycles of a battery installation and the use of electricity produced by a connected solar power system.

Evergen has also secured agreements with several network operators to test the effectiveness of using distributed battery systems to manage demand and network stress.

As part of the partnership with 8 Star Energy, Evergen will become the default provider for battery optimisation and coordination services for the Energizer branded batteries.

Evergen’s platform has previously been offered as a stand-alone add-on to standard battery systems and is compatible with battery storage installations using Tesla, AlphaESS and Hive battery systems and Evergen has marketed its own systems, using the AlphaESS batteries, under the Evergen Equinox brand.

The Eveready Battery Company was first founded almost 125 years ago, and has seen the Energizer and Eveready battery brands establish themselves as household brand names. However, the company has not yet expanded into the household battery storage market.

Evergen is currently undertaking a$7 million capital raise through a crowd investment offering that commenced in 2019, with the aim of expanding the company’s reach in international markets. The deal with 8 Star Energy to launch the Energizer home battery storage brand will open up the market for the Evergen software platform to the 56 countries where the brand’s rights have been secured.

“Our partnership with Evergen demonstrates the scope of our collective innovative technologies and services we provide to customers that deliver cost savings and efficient management of their energy consumption,” 8 Star Energy CEO Clark McKeon said.

“As the world’s energy requirements increase and the switch to renewables is fast becoming the norm, people are demanding clean energy that suits their individual needs. We are focused on delivering robust and reliable systems that will help customers increase the value of their power.”

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