Call for rethink as Queensland solar rule change deadline looms

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Last-ditch plea from Clean Energy Council to delay and reconsider a Queensland big solar rule change that threatens to cripple the state’s booming commercial sector.

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One Step Off The Grid

The Clean Energy Council has made a last-ditch plea to the Queensland government to delay and reconsider a rule change that threatens to blow out costs and delivery times for big solar projects in the Sunshine State, and cripple its booming commercial PV sector.

The rule change, which would prevent anyone but licensed electricians to mount, locate, fix or remove solar panels on projects of 100kW and above, is due to become law on May 13 – just over a month after the Palaszczuk government officially confirmed it would be enacted.

At the time, the minister for industrial relations Grace Grace said the move addressed a number of “key concerns” surrounding unlicensed workers – such as backpackers – mounting and removing solar panels at solar farms.

The department also said that the rule change had been fast-tracked in light of the anticipated and accelerating growth in the sector and the need to ensure “these known safety risks” were addressed.

But the Clean Energy Council has again voiced its opposition to the what it says is an ill-considered and rushed decision, and backed industry calls for its introduction to be delayed “immediately” and for the government to consult properly with solar businesses.

As we have reported on One Step and RE, industry has been blindsided by the new regulation, which for many businesses will mean finding a whole new workforce, and paying electricians to perform basic labour such as carrying panels around.

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