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Australian made ‘solar tent pole’ deployed in Nepal after earthquake

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Australian solar technology that provides shelter, light and power in the form of a tent pole being used in earthquake relief effort in Nepal.

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An Australian made solar tent pole is being shipped to Nepal as part of the earthquake relief effort, to provide shelter, light and power to those whose homes – and in some cases entire villages – were destroyed in the devastating 7.9-magnitude quake on the weekend.

Made by Queensland-based company Doble Outdoors, the SCS 200t is a solar powered illuminated pole that, when used as part of an awning or tent, can also be used to recharge phones and other USB powered devices (see pic below).

The world-first, fully patented technology – it has also been listed as a finalist for this year’s Australian Design Awards – includes a telescopic stainless steel tent pole, with built-in LEDs, built-in batteries and topped with an SCS solar panel.


Originally conceived as an accessory for camping – Simon Doble first hatched the idea when camping in Noosa with family – it has since been used by UN agencies and NGOs to bring power and light to refugee camps and to victims of natural disasters who, like the tens of thousands in Nepal (according to this report, half a million tents are urgently needed for people made homeless by the earthquake) – are accommodated in tents.

The technology has also been tested in Middle East conflict zones.

According to Doble, the SCS solar panel is unique in how it sits on the top of the SCS 200t, allowing it to capture the maximum benefit of the sun while being out of the way. The company says a smaller, more portable light, the SCS 100p is also being launched.

Brothers, founder Simon and Executive Director, Martin Doble say they are proud to be representing Australia on the global humanitarian stage in such a way.

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  1. Ken Dyer 5 years ago

    What an excellent device. Its uses could go far beyond a mere tentpole “accessory” though.
    Pollinate Energy are in the business of bringing light (and other services) to over 200 million Indians who live in poverty. This excellent product would dovetail nicely within their programs.

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