Ararat wind farm begins production in Victoria

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Watt Clarity

As part of the ACT Government’s push towards its “100% Renewables” target, we’ve seen commercial and construction activity underway in various locations across NSW, VIC and SA in recent times.

Today I wanted to flag, by use of our NEM-Review historical analysis package, how Ararat Wind Farm has commenced generation on 19th August.  As highlighted in the following snapshot, it’s output is still understandably small (in relation to the total wind production in the state), but we will watch with interest as it ramps up:


Source: Watt Clarity. Reproduced with permission.  

  • Unfortunately today no time to post more data – more to post later over on WattClarity.

    Interested observers can keep an eye on total wind contribution in Victoria through the NEM-Watch Fuel Type Widget: (a.k.a. the RenewEconomy Widget)

    As another piece of the puzzle, you also might be interested to note total Operational Demand in Victoria through the NEM-Watch Consumption Widget: (a.k.a. the ECA Widget)