ZEN Energy launches community renewables business in Queensland

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Community solar and storage specialist ZEN Energy has launched its “end to end” renewable energy service in Queensland this week, with plans to supply local households and businesses with electricity for cheaper than the grid.

The Australian-owned and operated company offers “bespoke” commercial and domestic on-grid renewable energy applications – using solar and storage, as well as wind, hydro and biomass if and when suitable – and off-grid applications for metropolitan, rural and regional areas.


The company also offers its own energy storage product, the ZEN Freedom PowerBank, as well as storage-ready solar systems, world-leading software smarts and full technical support.

The Adelaide-based company, which started life as a solar installer almost 12 years ago, last year transformed into a dedicated community energy provider, whose project scope could range from single homes to 20,000-house townships, and with a particular expertise in battery storage.

It also recruited high-profile Australian economist and national climate change review author Professor Ross Garnaut as company chairman.

At the time of his appointment last October, Garnaut  said in an interview that he had been disappointed that Australia’s established energy companies had not taken on the opportunity that existed for renewables.

“All Australians, no matter where they live, should have the opportunity to harness affordable and clean renewable energy,” Garnaut said at ZEN launch.

“Households, businesses and entire communities can now become genuinely self-powered completely or substantially depending on their circumstances and preference. Australia’s energy transformation has begun.”

In a statement on Monday, Garnaut said Queensland – with its abundant solar resource, high electricity prices and high penetration of rooftop solar – was ideally positioned to benefit from energy storage technology, in which ZEN was at the global forefront.

“Australia has more renewable energy resources than any other developed or major developing country,” Professor Garnaut said.

“ZEN Energy represents a new and unique model of sustainable power generation, storage, delivery and retailing, and one for which the Queensland consumer and the community as a whole stands to benefit,” he said.

“By harnessing the benefits of energy generation and storage, ZEN Energy will assist local households and businesses to seek protection from the rising cost of energy from the power grid.

“Households, businesses and entire communities can now become genuinely completely, or substantially, self-powered depending on their circumstances and preference. Australia’s energy transformation has begun.”

“Our aim is to become Australia’s leading innovative, community focussed renewable energy solutions provider, supporting residential, commercial, industrial and utility customers in the transition to an affordable low emissions future,” ZEN founder and CEO Richard Turner said.

“ZEN Energy has pioneered energy storage in Australia, placing us at the global forefront of this technology and able to deliver affordable and clean renewable energy solutions to every Queensland home or business today.”  

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