What we’re reading: 5 Tweets about extreme heat, one on Australian coal

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As reports emerge that NSW Liberals have called on the Turnbull government to conduct public debates about climate change – including whether the science is settled – we thought it might be a good time to publish a collection of today’s many, many Tweets about the record March heat in Australia – and one from Washington DC, for good measure.

In Melbourne, for instance, it was 29°C at 1am… and at 7am – marking the hottest March night on record. And considering some of the views higher up among the federal Liberals – that digging up and shipping coal to India is good for humanity – we’ve also included a Tweet from Fairfax journo Michael West, from Delhi.


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  • solarguy

    But the best is yet to come. Damn having to say that last bit.

    • maxlyrical

      There’s official media policy to play down weather extremes, being suffered globally.
      Locally we get things like “100 year event”, hottest day in 100 years, record heatwave etc.
      But it’s happening everywhere.
      Fires, floods, ‘droughts’ unprecedented storms, melting glaciers… The message is constantly played down, like it’s all a big coincidence.
      California is down to 8% of it’s water storage and they’re quietly waiting for the ‘drought’ to end.
      Scientists are afraid to speak up for fear of ridicule, -even death threats.
      Mostly, they are just ignored.
      Like we have on this page, we need an online blog and database of what people are experiencing all around the world.
      Just not sure how to start one… any takers?

  • Brian Tehan

    Solar pv plus aircon= guilt free bliss when it’s 40c outside as it was here in Melbourne yesterday. Had to use another 3kwh overnight though.

  • Suburbable

    and this is the new normal…