Video – First turbine erected at Tasmanian wind farm

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The folk at Hydro Tasmania are clearly chuffed by developments at the 168MW Musselroe Wind Farm project which is under construction in the north-east of the Apple Isle. This week it announced the completion of “topping out” of its first wind turbine, which essentially means putting all the components in place atop an 80m high tower.

The $395 million wind farm is due for completion by July 1, although the first of the Vestas V90 3MW turbines will be generating to the grid in March.

The video of the turbine construction is worth a look – you can access it here. Apparently, the 1,200 tonne crane we are using is the largest model telescopic crawler crane in the world. And it has also been using a helicopter to string the transmission line across some fairly inaccessible terrain – Hydro Tasmania says it is the cheapest option for the wind farm.


  • This video is wonderful. It shows just how small the footprint of a mature windfarm is environmentally and geographically. And unlike the permanent damage of a CSG well, it could, I presume, quite feasibly be dismantled and moved somewhere else if need be. With negligible impact on the surroundiings.