Solar Insiders Podcast August 9 | RenewEconomy

Solar Insiders Podcast August 9

What is “crap” solar, and why it matters


Did you have a hear of the story about Pastor Steve? He was a character that operated in Queensland, and was infamous in the solar industry for selling sub-standard solar panels and installations.

Why do we mention this?  Because the industry cares. In the first of our new Solar Insiders podcast, which we hope will run fortnightly, solar veteran Nigel Morris uses the Pastor Steve story as an illustration about the caution consumers should exercise when buying solar.

Already, there are some 1.7 million households and businesses with rooftop solar. Most are very happy. But as those numbers double or even treble in coming years, the question of maintaining quality is paramount.

In this Solar Insiders podcast, Morris and RenewEconomy and One Step Off The Grid editor Giles Parkinson discuss some tips for consumers and what to watch out for. It’s essential listening for consumers and the industry alike.

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