IEA: Solar to be world’s main energy source by 2050

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This story from PV Magazine has been updated. We now ask that you got to our latest story on the IEA report: Solar costs head to 4c/kWh, rooftop solar seen unbeatable


  • Clarkie

    Has anyone done the risk analysis of the impact of an asteroid hitting the earth or nuclear war or unprecedented volcanic activity in our times? The probability of such events is very low but the impact on solar energy could be so grave for a few years that it would be folly to ignore it. What are the contingency plans for such an event? Perhaps we should not put all our eggs in the same basket and peg solar at say 25%. What events could stall wind? And bioenergy- WfE – EfW? Fossil fired plant would be out of consideration. Anyone for 25% nuclear? Maybe we cannot afford not to?

    • Matthew Wright

      Yes if the sun goes the food supply is a big challenge.

      A good hedge is to go Wind power an solar. If we remove most of the energy from the sun the winds will pick up big time.

  • Keith

    Hi Clarkie,
    If the sun stops shining then there goes the food supply …..

  • Peter Thomson

    This is a huge change in the IEA’s long range predictions – as recently as 2011 they were still predicting fossil fuels to be the dominant supplier of energy and renewables a marginal supplier.

    I wonder if this means they’ve finally noticed that the fossil fuel supplies are finite, and we need to have replaced them with renewables well before they run short.