Graph of the Day: The climate denier ranks in Congress

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Manmade climate change is happening. One would think that with hundreds of climate-related natural disasters declared since 2011, and 97 percent of climate scientists in agreement, elected officials would follow the evidence. But a shocking number — 55 percent — of congressional Republicans refuse to accept it. Most states have at least one representative who denies climate change science. And it’s even more pronounced in Republican leadership, where 90 percent deny climate science.

It’s no coincidence that deniers are funded in large part by the fossil fuel industry, which profits off of the emissions that cause global warming. Combined, the 157 members of the climate denier caucus have taken over $50 million in dirty energy contributions over the course of their careers. The 378 other Members of Congress and Senators have only taken $33 million total.

“Climate science deniers are defined as those who have made public statements indicating that they questioning whether climate change is happening or is caused by human consumption of fossil fuels.

Climate Progress has a new infographic that lays out the most important information about the Anti-Science Climate Denier Caucus. The list of caucus members has two new members on it, be sure to check it out here.

This article was originally posted on Climate Progress. Re-posted with permission.  

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  • KenFabos

    It would be informative to see an Australian version of this. My own gut feeling is that if Australia’s MP’s were not bound by Party loyalties and obligations to stick to the party line we would have a clear majority agreeing in the existence of the problem. Not all agreeing that it’s really urgent or that it’s high priority of course; far too many that claim to take the science seriously appear willing to negotiate it all the way to the permanent back burner for the sake of political expediency, even without being obliged to do so for the sake of Party solidarity.