Geodynamics completes testing at 1MW geothermal trial plant

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Australian geothermal energy developer Geodynamics has successfully completed its planned testing of its ground-breaking pilot plant in South Australia’s Cooper Basin.

Geodynamics operates the 1 MWe pilot plant, named Habanero, about 10 km south of Innamincka for 160 days from the end of April. It was the first geothermal plant in Australia to exploit heat extracted from the earth more than 4,000m below the surface. It’s a technology known as “hot rocks geothermal” or e”nhanced geothermal systems”.

Thus far the plant has successfully completed its step rate performance testing, tracer injection testing, reliability testing, a nitrogen casing insulation trial and various operation and corrosion control trials. Prior to the closure of the trial the plant was operating at a pressure of 19kg/s and a well head temperature of 215°C.

Geodynamics said the results of the trial will now be analysed and the plant will be kept in a state such that it can be used for further trials or as part of an ongoing initial commercial development.

The company now plans on developing a proposal for the next stage of development – hopefully towards an commercial development. It is negotiating with some of the gas producers in the area for a power purchase agreement that could provide funding for a small commercial plant.

It is also in talks with ARENA, the key funding partner throughout the demonstration trial.

Geodynamics CEO Geoff Ward said he was pleased with the successful completion of the test program and demonstration trail.

“This trial is a world leading example of EGS technology and I would like to thank all the team for their contribution to this excellent outcome. In particular I would like to acknowledge the support of ARENA for their assistance in achieving this significant milestone.

“We are very encouraged by the results we have achieved, the reliability demonstrated by the closed loop enhanced geothermal system and the interest that this trial has drawn from potential customers.”

Geodynamics is currently the leading Australian geothermal exploration and development company.

Recently the ASX listed company took a dive in stock prices when it was forced to write off its Cooper Basin assets, sending the stock price from a high of 17 cents on the 15th of August to 8.7 cents on the 3rd of September announcement.

The stock has since then recovered some of its value, operating at 10.5 cents as of the 9th of October.

Ward said the company is looking forward for ways they can expand and fund their profitable and successful ventures, such as the Habanero plant. “We look forward to using the successful results of this trial to put forward proposals to interested local customers to secure the further development of the Habanero project.”



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  • >>Prior to the closure of the trial the plant was operating at a pressure of 19kg/s …

    19kg/s would be a flow rate (mass/time), rather than a pressure (force/area), of a bit over 19litres/sec if we are talking about hot water.