First Tesla Powerwall battery storage system installed in Germany

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German solar and storage installer Praml has completed two of the first installations of Tesla’s 6.4 kWh residential battery system, the Powerwall, in the country. Praml has installed two Tesla Powerwall systems reporting that the install took a team of two around five hours.tesla_batt

The aptly named town of Sonnen and neighboring Markt Schwaben in Germany’s south are the locations for some of the country’s first Tesla Powerwall systems.

Despite the striking appearance of the storage system, the Powerwall was installed in a garage, given to the “light noise” caused by the battery’s cooling system.

The installations have garnered attention as they mark the arrival of Tesla’s stationary storage products in Germany’s fast-growing battery market.

Installer Praml reported the successful installations, noting that the 95kg Powerwall system required that its transport was “well planned” transport and that a two-person installation team completed the job.

The garage of a residence in the holiday town of Sonnen was chosen as the Powerwall installation site because of the noise produced by the battery system and specifications that it should not be exposed to temperatures below -20C.

The Powerwall was installed alongside a single-phase SolarEdge inverter.

Martin Praml, the installation company’s Managing Director, reports that his company had previously sold more than 300 competitor storage systems.


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  • Webber Depor

    >> because of the noise produced by the battery system

    wtf, it changes everything

    • wholisticguy

      The battery requires a liquid heating/cooling system. I expect there to be fan and pump noise.

    • Pfitzy

      It’s not that bad actually. Mine hangs outside my daughter’s bedroom. It’s much quieter than an air conditioner fan unit, or the neighbour’s water feature for example, and you barely notice it unless you’re listening for it.

      In Germany I’d be putting it in the garage anyway, because of the winter temperatures.